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Service Title 1: Reflex Sympathetic
Dystrophy Association of America

Service Title 2: NIH Pain Consortium

Service Title 3: Chronic Pain patient

Service Title 4: US Living Will Registry
Service Title 5: First Giving -
Fundraising Resources

Service Title 6: Legal Services
Corporation: America's Partner for Equal

Service Title 7: The State of  California

Service Title 8: WorkCompCentral
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory
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Service Title 10: Workers
Compensation Action Network

Service Title 11: Video Presentation-
Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

Service Title 12: Central Pain Syndrome
Service Title 13: Pain.Com- A world of
information on pain.

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Jeffrey's Story

First Medical (Marijuana)
Necessity Defense Trial

An actual court defense trial
A New Beginning- Life with RSD
Living with RSD @

Your Host Trudy Thomas  
will discuss the various
therapies and the emotional
chronic, incurable condition.
Take your life back!

This show's goal is to
promote awareness of the
millions of people who live
with chronic pain daily. To
let people know they are not
alone in their struggle and that
there is life after the
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Service Title 14: NORDS-  Rare

Service Title 15: Pain.Com- A world of
information on pain.

Service Title 16: NEADS (Dogs for
Deaf and Disabled Americans)

Service Title 17: NINDS- Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Service Title 18: Living with HOPE
Radio Show with Host Trudy Thomas on
The Body, Mind and Spirit Network

Service Title 19: Where Chronic Pain
and Depression Collide

Service Title 20: Pain Pathways
Listen to internet radio with BodyMindSpiritNtwrk on Blog Talk Radio
Jeffrey Kennedy I'm a Patient Not a criminal