Jeffrey's Story- Medical Marijuana Interview
From: Jeffrey w Kennedy

Subject: Medical Marijuana Interview

Date: 05/11/2010

My name is Jeffrey Kennedy, and my story begins back in 1999, I was out cutting my
Grass. While backing up with my lawnmower my feet became entangled in a cable that
stretchered across my lawn. I fell backward blowing out two discs in my back. The
cable had been left their by Adelphia Cable when they were out a week earlier and
installed cable for my new residence.

A short time later I received Medical attention. As the pain was becoming unbearable in
my back.  After a year of different therapies and trying different narcotics. Nothing was
working, and the pain was getting worse in my lower back area. I then let the Doctor
talk me into having surgery done on my lower back.  Some type of fusion.

After my surgery was done I stayed in the Hospital for five days. They then said I was
well enough to go home. So they gave me a bottle Morphine and sent me home. As the
pills disappeared the pain stayed the same.

Not long after being home, I noticed a throbbing in my feet and a severe burning in my
legs that was starting to take place. And the more medications I took like, Neurontin,
Elavil, Trileptal and Topamax. The pain in my feet and legs stayed and seemed to only
grow more intense as time went on.

Then one day while waiting to see the Doctor. I had met a Patient that had also been
diagnosed with Neuropathy. He had asked me if I had tried Marijuana, I told him it had
been some time since I had smoked. He then gave me what was called Hydroponic
Marijuana, I smoked half a joint and with in minutes the throbbing of my feet and
burning of my legs had disappeared. Who would have known? That my cure for this
incredible pain that I suffer from had been here since the beginning of time.

Soon after finding what Medical Marijuana could do for my Pain. I started my research
on the internet and came to find a lot of different studies for Medical Marijuana and
Neuropathy and how it relieved pain in other patients.

I then went on I found a book on how to grow Medical Marijuana. I
ordered the book; I then found a web site on where to buy seeds. I soon ordered some
seeds and started my garden.

After a couple of years of trial and error, my garden was able to produce about an
Ounce a Month of a quality grade Medical Marijuana. This with my other Medications I
was able to live a better quality of life.

Then it all came to an end on August 29th 2009. I had like every other day taken my
wife to work, and when I returned Home I had found that our home had been robbed.

Fearing the Burglar(s) may still be inside my home and being the owner of a 38caliber
with a Permit to carry. I had to call the Police. The Police showed up cleared our home
and found no suspects were to be found. They had already left.

The Police claim while clearing my home to have discovered my Medical Marijuana
Garden that was out back of my house. I was soon arrested and charged with
Trafficking. And Manufacturing of a hallucinogenic and 26 plants. I was placed in Jail
and the Judge set Bond at $10,000 Dollars. My wife posted bond 10% $1000.00 and
I was released.

The (26) Plants they claimed that were discovered, (1) was a Female about three
months. The rest of the plants were from 2 to 8 weeks old, with the majority of them
being male plants that had not been pulled yet. As a Male Plant doesn’t have the proper
medicine that a female plant contains.

Being terrified of these charges that I now face, I began looking for an Attorney that
would help fight for the sick and disabled, who use and need Medical Marijuana.

I hired an Attorney his name was John Olea a criminal Attorney. When I went to his
office, he had convinced me he could get these charges dismissed as his partner used to
work for the prosecuting Attorney’s office, and was in good standing with the Judge.
After Attorney Olea received $1,500.00 in cash from me. He told me he wanted me to
take a deal.
That Deal would have been, loss of my Drivers licenses for two years & 30 days in Jail,
Followed by 5 years of probation. Where I would have to piss in a cup monthly to see
if I had drugs in my system.
Attorney Olea, screwed me and never kissed me once. I told him to take his deal and
go find another person to screw over, as I would find an Attorney that believed in my
case. Attorney John Olea is nothing more then a used Car Salesman (with a license to
practice law) that tried to talk me into buying a Lemon. The sad thing is I gave him
$1,500.00 before I knew what I was getting a Lemon.

I then hired Attorney Michael c Minardi; he is not only an Attorney but an Activist for
Medical Marijuana. Michael filed for the Medical Necessity Defense. It has been
granted by the Honorable Judge Miller. This Defense has been successful 3 times in the
State of Florida, but has never been used
In Palm Beach County, Florida. Attorney Olea whom I had previously hired said the
Judge would never allow me to do this defense. Was he wrong, he also told me the
courts would not help in my defense. Wrong again, as the Courts are putting $1,500.00
towards my defense. I am now in search of experts and public support & donations for
this Trial. This Trial has now been delayed for the second time. On December 13th
2010 my Attorney will appear for a Status Check. At that time a Trial Date should be
set for early next year 2011.  I will inform all supporters when a Trial Date has been set.
If anyone person reading this message feel they have the Compassion to assist. Please
contact me at

Thank you & be safe,

Jeffrey & Sharon Kennedy

For those wishing to Donate a new account has been set up at Bank Atlantic.
The Jeffrey Kennedy Medical Necessity Defense Fund.
Account # 0067422590 or please send to Jeffrey Kennedy, 1615 ne 3rd Court.
Boynton Beach, Florida  33435
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Jeffrey's Story
We have all been united by a single
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