Jeffrey's Story- Trial
Jeffrey W. Kennedy
                          1615 NE 3RD Court
                      Boynton Beach, Florida 33435
                             (561) 308-5919

Attention:  All Supporters of Medical Marijuana Local and National Media & Radio
News Hosts and Reporters.

Subject: Florida, Palm Beach County, First Medical (Marijuana) Necessity Defense
Trial. Re. scheduled to start November 8th 2010


My name is Jeffrey w Kennedy. I am disabled. I suffer from very Painful Neuropathy
of the Feet & Legs, Failed Back Surgery & Depression. I live in Palm Beach County,
Florida, Which is where I was arrested for trying to grow Medical Marijuana, (26
plants) they claim.

It all started August 29th 2009 when our home was burglarized. I came home to find
the front door open. I thought the burglar(s) may still be in our home. I am the owner of
a (38) Caliber Hand Gun with a permit to carry, of which I had left at home that day.
In fear of being shot with my own gun, I called the Boynton Beach Police. They arrived
and cleared our home.

Although the burglar(s) had fled with over $20,000.00 of cash, jewelry and electronics,
the police told me to sit and not to move. They began to question me as if I had robbed
my own home. They then began to question me about my Marijuana use. Rather then
telling them a lie, I told them that I did use Medical Marijuana as I am disabled and
suffer from very Painful Neuropathy of the Feet & Legs, and Medical Marijuana is the
only thing that seems to stop that Pain. Soon after my explanation, they claim they
discovered my medical garden and arrested me. The State of Florida is now charging
me with Trafficking. I have hired Attorney Michael c Minardi to handle my defense.

Trial has been delayed for the second time now. My Attorney on December 13th 2010
will appear for a Status Check, at that time a New Trial Date should be rescheduled
for early next year in Palm Beach County, Florida court room. The Honorable Judge
Miller is allowing, The Medical Necessity Defense. This Defense has never been tried
in a Palm Beach County Court.

We have some Experts in place, but our looking to add more. And we our in need of
Public Support & Donations. If you feel you have the Compassion to assist or help tell
my story or Donate to my Legal Fund, A Non-Profit Tax Deductable Account has
been set up at any Bank Atlantic.

The following information has been provided.

The Jeffrey Kennedy Medical Necessity Defense Fund.

Account # 0067422590

C/O Bank Atlantic
4148 S Jog road
Greenacres, Florida. 33467

Thank you for your time, concern & generosity


Jeffrey w Kennedy
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
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Jeffrey's Story
We have all been united by a single
common denominator and that is...
First Medical (Medicinal) Marijuana Defense Trial
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